Logo designed by Aivan Nguyen

Logo designed by Aivan Nguyen

Moonlight Feminists

The Moonlight Feminists exists so that we can grow as feminists in a safe and supportive environment. 

Arielle Kiko Celermajer De Bono

Arielle Kiko Celermajer De Bono knows how long her name is, and generally introduces herself as Ari. She is currently studying Journalism at UTS and plans to add Law to her degree next year just to make things especially difficult for herself. She is however adamant that she has no interest in being a lawyer or a journalist, but thinks they may be good preparation for political reign, and dealing with all the assholes that may try and get in her way in the process.

For now, she loves writing down the rants she can’t subject anyone too, listening to bad 80’s techno and purchasing far too many second hand clothes, which she justifies as being a ‘sustainable’ hobby.


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